Sunday, May 23, 2010


I suck at blogging now-a-days, too busy working & mommying...oh life
Here's what I've been up to:
What I've learned from this soon to be yoshi afghan: color change, stranded knitting & the fact that this blanket is going to be smaller than I want it to I need to add 3 more images and sew them together. Oh the things I do for my friend.
Knitting is pretty cool, nice to have in my list o' skills.
I haven't touched my mini sewing machine's just sitting there...waiting for some good thread & great attachments...I just need fabric.
I'm thinking first project will be bed textiles. I bought some "satin" pillow cases & a comforter. It's tearing at the seams after only 2 months. I cannot wait to get an awesome sewing machine with myriad attachments so I can make cool stuff, but I'm ok with the singer for now. I really really need shelves...I've stacked up old diaper boxes and made them into shelves for our closet and my yarn. It's worked out and lasted almost a year now, it's just ugly as &#%$. I'm also not buying anymore yarn until all my other stuff is gone + the frogged granny yoshi blanket [fgyb for short]. I'm going to unravel it, double strand it take the biggest crochet hook or pair of knitting needles I can find and afghan it up. It will probably look like I'm a seahawks fan, blech. If I had more green I'd make it a seattle sounders blanket. I like european football instead of the boring American football.

Oh and that mass of black & white is a bag in the making...also made from the fgyb.

This is my granny bag...i ran out of brown yarn so I deemed it "The odd hobo" I really like it. Made with cotton, it's unlined..I did weave in the ends after this photo. It's got pretty good space & feel sturdy. In a word, functional. I take it out with me sometimes.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Too busy for a blog, but it's nice to write....

I have been quite busy lately I joined the May granny-a-day CAL on, finished my swap items and mailed then and recently picked up knitting. I'm working on a "middle sized monster" from DPNs scare me so I opted for circular needles...but I picked up a pair with a short cord...I guess this will just make me better at knitting when I finally get needles with a longer cord lol. Since my last post this is what I've been up to:

The last of April's CAL

My WIP middle sized monster

And last but not least my goldfish I made for my swap partner....hopefully she doesn't check my blog.

I made a Boucle' bag from a japanese pattern I found on, I didn't like it so I'm taking it a part and making an Inga bag, but before I use up all my pretty cotton yarn, I need to finish the Aila mary-janes I've been procrastinating on. They just need straps. Pictures up later.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not much going on...crafting wise

I've been busy working & catching up with friends lately. I've been working on a pair of purple & sage booties, the strap is ballerina like. I still need to find Mr. Motivation & finish the other >.<
Ugh, I hate it when I buy balls of pretty colors that are specifically for one project, but once I finish these I'm getting rid of my scraps & making an ugly-ghan. It's going to be knit, I want to finish something large.
I still need to work on my Yoshi blanket, but I want to make an Inga bag.

I'll be joining another granny-a-day CAL on but I want to finish my other projects first.
I've had to put off my swap crafting too but I'll pick that up tomorrow morning or tonight, depending on if I work past 10.

Umm..yes that's all I believe.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New in my etsy...

I just finished & posted Jaxsen's Loafers. They are a sage green & coco bootie with coordinating buttons. They are available in my etsy for 0-6 months, if you need a different size, convo me!

On other news, I finished Will R. Aine he would like to meet you:

I was going to give him a monocle & a mustache but I'm not that great at embroidery. I just learned how to do a back stitch! haha.

I need to finish this swap but I'm just procrastinating away. It's a beautiful day here in the PNW & I might take my WIP bag with me and enjoy the sun.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Relaunch of my etsy shop...well kind of

I took off all 4 things I had in my etsy shop and put in it's place the Amigurumi pattern for wobbuffet v2.o:

and the poo I made the other day.
I have lots of other plans, like mobiles, baby room decor, toys, useless time. You know, things just to get me through the spring/summer until fall gets here then I can whip out the apparel to keep everyone snuggly warm :]

Visit my shop sometime, it's not much now, but quantity isn't quality!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amigurumi Poo

Here it is in all it's dookie-fied glory: poo.
I made it a paperweight, but I don't think it's heavy enough. Maybe less than half a pound? I needed to do some stash busting & I had this awesome brown plaited cotton yarn left over from making these button up booties awhile back. I'll be taking more pictures of it later for my etsy shop, btw do any of you people know how to turn patterns into PDF files & if it's free? I feel I should share my patterns.
Anywho, I decided to free form this because a lot of the poo patterns I found looked, well not like poop haha. No offense to those of you who made up the patterns, with out you I wouldn't have been able to figure out a different way to make it. I think I might personify the poos I decide to make in the future.

a quickie post

I forgot to mention, I have a bunch of left over brown cotton yarn left I'll be making amigurumi poo.
Poo is cute & I think I will just crochet a tube that tapers at both ends then coil them together and sew it closed. I saw other patterns & they don't really look like poo to me. eh, I also finished my second small today, took me almost an hour. I am going to make a medium and 2 critters.
They will be ceiling hangings for my swap partners dining room.

I'm going to work on a wobuffet v2.0

I like the first one I came up with, but not satisfied. Geeze, I hate being so picky. I think I figured out how to do his 4 legs/tentacle thingys with out doing them individually, I need to test that out. Plus my embroidery skills need to be practiced somewhere on something.

I'm going to work on another ami today. I'm really happy with how the first one came out.
I need to make a quick list, I guess I'll share it with you:
postal wrapping paper [ ]
safety eyes [x]
cotton yarn [ ]
another cup o' coffee [ ]
replacement hooks [ ]
circular knitting needles [ ]
cable needle [ ]
knitting book [ ]
scrummy fabrics [ ]

If you have any of these just laying about your home and it's just taking up space, please feel free to send them to me :]

I feel it's been ages.

I'm still working on my ami's and CAL.
good progression so far. I am so excited. I was on craiglist, under the FREE section of course and came across free bags of polyfil, sewing patterns & some fabric..there was also and etc SO I'm hoping it will be some other sewing notions :] I'm picking it up tomorrow & it's only downtown, which is about 10 minutes away from my apartment.

Here's my update:
Just finished 1 small amigurumi for my swap partner on, I'm not posting a picture of it since well, I don't want my swap partner to suddenly stumble onto my blog.

here is my post for saturday for the granny a day CAL I'm participating on that same site:

10 squares down, 20 more to go. I'll be making number 11 later today, since it is 3:33 in the morning, no I don't stay up on the computer & twiddle yarn I'm usually at work this late. So even though I have weekends off my sleep schedule is still weird.

Yesterday, I made a cozy for this Similac sample can that I use to hold my hooks, pens & other goodies. First time I used a gauge & it fits so perfectly. I call it the puffy can cozy.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April is a busy month.

Oh me, I've been so busy. No time for blogging. Aside from the baby, work & cleaning I'm participating in a CAL on craftster for granny squares and an amigurumi swap.

I had a lot of coffee today and made 2 extra squares...
Well 27 more days to go.