Sunday, April 11, 2010

I feel it's been ages.

I'm still working on my ami's and CAL.
good progression so far. I am so excited. I was on craiglist, under the FREE section of course and came across free bags of polyfil, sewing patterns & some fabric..there was also and etc SO I'm hoping it will be some other sewing notions :] I'm picking it up tomorrow & it's only downtown, which is about 10 minutes away from my apartment.

Here's my update:
Just finished 1 small amigurumi for my swap partner on, I'm not posting a picture of it since well, I don't want my swap partner to suddenly stumble onto my blog.

here is my post for saturday for the granny a day CAL I'm participating on that same site:

10 squares down, 20 more to go. I'll be making number 11 later today, since it is 3:33 in the morning, no I don't stay up on the computer & twiddle yarn I'm usually at work this late. So even though I have weekends off my sleep schedule is still weird.

Yesterday, I made a cozy for this Similac sample can that I use to hold my hooks, pens & other goodies. First time I used a gauge & it fits so perfectly. I call it the puffy can cozy.

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