Friday, March 26, 2010

First attempt at a bag.

Second sewing project, first bag.
It's small enough to fit a netbook.
If I ever get one, that is what this would be used for.
For a first attempt I think I did pretty well. I used a hoodie that went down to my knees, I'm sure if I wanted to make a larger bag I could.
It isn't perfect but, I love the print.
It's all recycled. I used a black t-shirt for the lining.
I think my next attempt, I'll add a magnetic snap, an outer pocket and a different style of handle. Here's a picture of the interior:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jaxson's Mirrored afghan

This is Jaxson's mirrored afghan. I got it off of the site, it is a free pattern & I do not claim this as my own. The only thing I changed was the color sequence so that the middle stripe was double the width of the others & reversed the color sequence for the rest of the blanket. If I would have worked on it non-stop I believe I would have been done in a weekend. It was easy & quick. A lot of people down-rated it because it did not lie flat while being crocheted. I fixed that problem easily: A quick dip in some warm water squeezed, not wring, out the water and hang dried it overnight. Now it's as flat as Kansas.
I used redheart designer sport yarn for this project & a G hook.

Hello, Crochet is now offical

It's only got one post
and it's just about making a chain.
Still, I think it's pretty clear, what do you think?
I have lesson 2 coming soon.
It's midnight now and i'm too tired to post it and put up pictures :

Monday, March 22, 2010

I feel like I should have tute blog

I just might start one.
I'll try to put up information that I had to SCOUR the internet for, like techniques for joining squares, flowers, ami's
& even post up free patterns as practice.

Yes. It's decided.
Next project:
Hello, crochet.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

WIP: dweebo

Dweebo is a little creature I LOVED crawing up.
He loves lollipops & some how always gets hurt. He's constantly wearing a bandaid. Poor thing.
He's got a best friend named Sqweebo who is an alien.

I believe Sqweebo is the smarter of the two.
You'll meet him soon.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I ran out of yarn.

I was in the middle of making a jellyfish, just stash busting. I got through 5 tentacles and bam, out of yarn. I was hoping I could make it around the jellyfish with all tentacles & finish off the bottom & close it off with black, but I couldn't. What a shame, I will finish it though.
I plan on making some things blue for my etsy shop.

So, other than that what are my first 5 crochet projects going to be, that I myself will be using?
I have atleast 30+ projects I want to complete by the end of the year, ambitious yeah?

No, I'm not starting them at the same time, one by one.

Here's one. It's from the site
pattern #30438AD
I might use a different yarn so that it has more of a drape to it.

Pattern# 90238AD
I love the motifs, but the colors are too muted for my taste

Pattern# 90189AD
Not a fan of turtlenecks, so I believe I'll get rid of the turtle neck & make it an off the shoulder kind of sweater

Pattern #90136ad
I want to add lining to this & some applique or other embellishments.

I think I'll use this fabric:
If you don't know it's Joel Dewberry's woodgrain from his aviary line.
I am completely in love with it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

omg, hemp yarn & other natural fibers!!!

I found this retailer through a comment on RoseHip's Blog.

I've been scouring the internet for natural fiber yarns in favorable colors & quality.
I've even been looking for suede slipper soles that aren't sold in bulk, and guess what...
They have it.

Here are a few things I love:
Hemp yarn

Banana Silk, I didn't even know this exsists. Wonder if it smells like bananas. I love bananas

And Soy silk.

I will be saving my pennies for these.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I now present a 99.9% finished wobbuffet.
The picture isn't too great, but I love the mosiac feature on my camera phone. 4 angles, 1 photo, no editing.
Now, should I make 4 of him & sell him on etsy?

Here's some info on him:
I didn't have any polyfill stuffing, so I used old plastic bags I have in my house. The only thing I use them for is to wrap poopy diapers, so I have more than enough. Good way to recycle eh?
He is about 4 inches tall.
I threw myself into embroidery so I have to practice on that. I used the chain stitch for his eyes & mouth. His tail isn't completely done, but I'm strapped for time today.

My first ami, my first stab at embroidery

I present a 95% finished Wobbuffet.

I couldn't find any patterns for him, so I free handed.
He turned out pretty well. I only had to unravel 2 rows only because I lost count.
Used a chain stitch for the embroidery, it's a little off but I'm sure I can go back & fix it.
What do you think?
I'm off to bed.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy busy busy....

I have created a list of things to crochet while I save up for sewing notions & study for my GED...No I am not an idiot, I just hated high school.

Anyway here are a few projects (by a few I mean atleast 30) that I have up my sleeves, I do how ever need to remember ONE AT A TIME!!! Hopefully these will keep me from smoking. Trying to quit by distraction.
Some are cardigans for women to infants, cowls, scarves & baby items.
I've got a WIP, it's a ripple blanket I'm making for my nephew who is due in June.
Of course sister wanted a plain baby blue...but I went for a Lagoon, coco & pistachio ripple blanket. I am having issues with it laying flat, but I think a gentle cycle through the wash & a flat dry will fix that.

Here's a photo:
I've gotten a lot further since this picture. I also made a few adjustments to the sequence of the striping.
At the center of the blanket I doubled the green & mirrored the stripes for the other half.
You can tell that it's curling at the beginning where the foundation chain is...Hopefully when I finish adding the border it will correct itself.

I also have another's a granny square yoshi blanket...It's taking me forever since it has come out to be 800+ granny squares. I am very tired of it. I'll finish it one day. It was suppose to have been a Christmas present. Well Sylas has a poopy diaper so I bid you farewell :]

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It has been awhile.

Let's do a quick catch-up:
1. moved into our new apartment 6 months ago.
No washer & dryer but we have a bigger oven & better water pressure
2. broke.
Bills just keep coming unexpectedly. A real bummer
3. got a car.
Got my income tax early in tax season & bought a 98' VW golf from my friend.
4. my boyfriend got me a little 3/4 size Singer beginner sewing machine to start out with...i suppose I can just make little totes bags, maybe some skirts. I'm thinking things that are no heavier than cotton :/
It really was a sweet gesture, spending the only money he had to buy me something I've always wanted. I'll keep it forever. Pinky swear.
5. the first project I made was a hook roll...It's really hideous. I will do for now.

I don't want to seriously make something until I have the right things to use.
My tool box contains:
very dull, almost broken scissors
very cheap yarn
a paper measuring tape stolen from my son's pediatrician's office
dollar store gift tissue paper in various colors.
the fabric I have to work with are: old pj's & hoodies.

Really quite pathetic but, it will do for now.
Maybe...just maybe I can get very good at sewing by working with horrible notions.

Other than that life is good. It could be better. I really am tired of working at mcdonald's.

Oh, yes I have a question:
Would you guys like to purchase mark. make-up? Please do check it out at:

Oh also, I did launch my store but I only have crocheted items in it: