Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy busy busy....

I have created a list of things to crochet while I save up for sewing notions & study for my GED...No I am not an idiot, I just hated high school.

Anyway here are a few projects (by a few I mean atleast 30) that I have up my sleeves, I do how ever need to remember ONE AT A TIME!!! Hopefully these will keep me from smoking. Trying to quit by distraction.
Some are cardigans for women to infants, cowls, scarves & baby items.
I've got a WIP, it's a ripple blanket I'm making for my nephew who is due in June.
Of course sister wanted a plain baby blue...but I went for a Lagoon, coco & pistachio ripple blanket. I am having issues with it laying flat, but I think a gentle cycle through the wash & a flat dry will fix that.

Here's a photo:
I've gotten a lot further since this picture. I also made a few adjustments to the sequence of the striping.
At the center of the blanket I doubled the green & mirrored the stripes for the other half.
You can tell that it's curling at the beginning where the foundation chain is...Hopefully when I finish adding the border it will correct itself.

I also have another's a granny square yoshi blanket...It's taking me forever since it has come out to be 800+ granny squares. I am very tired of it. I'll finish it one day. It was suppose to have been a Christmas present. Well Sylas has a poopy diaper so I bid you farewell :]

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