Saturday, March 13, 2010

It has been awhile.

Let's do a quick catch-up:
1. moved into our new apartment 6 months ago.
No washer & dryer but we have a bigger oven & better water pressure
2. broke.
Bills just keep coming unexpectedly. A real bummer
3. got a car.
Got my income tax early in tax season & bought a 98' VW golf from my friend.
4. my boyfriend got me a little 3/4 size Singer beginner sewing machine to start out with...i suppose I can just make little totes bags, maybe some skirts. I'm thinking things that are no heavier than cotton :/
It really was a sweet gesture, spending the only money he had to buy me something I've always wanted. I'll keep it forever. Pinky swear.
5. the first project I made was a hook roll...It's really hideous. I will do for now.

I don't want to seriously make something until I have the right things to use.
My tool box contains:
very dull, almost broken scissors
very cheap yarn
a paper measuring tape stolen from my son's pediatrician's office
dollar store gift tissue paper in various colors.
the fabric I have to work with are: old pj's & hoodies.

Really quite pathetic but, it will do for now.
Maybe...just maybe I can get very good at sewing by working with horrible notions.

Other than that life is good. It could be better. I really am tired of working at mcdonald's.

Oh, yes I have a question:
Would you guys like to purchase mark. make-up? Please do check it out at:

Oh also, I did launch my store but I only have crocheted items in it:

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