Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm going to work on a wobuffet v2.0

I like the first one I came up with, but not satisfied. Geeze, I hate being so picky. I think I figured out how to do his 4 legs/tentacle thingys with out doing them individually, I need to test that out. Plus my embroidery skills need to be practiced somewhere on something.

I'm going to work on another ami today. I'm really happy with how the first one came out.
I need to make a quick list, I guess I'll share it with you:
postal wrapping paper [ ]
safety eyes [x]
cotton yarn [ ]
another cup o' coffee [ ]
replacement hooks [ ]
circular knitting needles [ ]
cable needle [ ]
knitting book [ ]
scrummy fabrics [ ]

If you have any of these just laying about your home and it's just taking up space, please feel free to send them to me :]

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