Sunday, May 23, 2010


I suck at blogging now-a-days, too busy working & mommying...oh life
Here's what I've been up to:
What I've learned from this soon to be yoshi afghan: color change, stranded knitting & the fact that this blanket is going to be smaller than I want it to I need to add 3 more images and sew them together. Oh the things I do for my friend.
Knitting is pretty cool, nice to have in my list o' skills.
I haven't touched my mini sewing machine's just sitting there...waiting for some good thread & great attachments...I just need fabric.
I'm thinking first project will be bed textiles. I bought some "satin" pillow cases & a comforter. It's tearing at the seams after only 2 months. I cannot wait to get an awesome sewing machine with myriad attachments so I can make cool stuff, but I'm ok with the singer for now. I really really need shelves...I've stacked up old diaper boxes and made them into shelves for our closet and my yarn. It's worked out and lasted almost a year now, it's just ugly as &#%$. I'm also not buying anymore yarn until all my other stuff is gone + the frogged granny yoshi blanket [fgyb for short]. I'm going to unravel it, double strand it take the biggest crochet hook or pair of knitting needles I can find and afghan it up. It will probably look like I'm a seahawks fan, blech. If I had more green I'd make it a seattle sounders blanket. I like european football instead of the boring American football.

Oh and that mass of black & white is a bag in the making...also made from the fgyb.

This is my granny bag...i ran out of brown yarn so I deemed it "The odd hobo" I really like it. Made with cotton, it's unlined..I did weave in the ends after this photo. It's got pretty good space & feel sturdy. In a word, functional. I take it out with me sometimes.

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