Monday, May 3, 2010

Too busy for a blog, but it's nice to write....

I have been quite busy lately I joined the May granny-a-day CAL on, finished my swap items and mailed then and recently picked up knitting. I'm working on a "middle sized monster" from DPNs scare me so I opted for circular needles...but I picked up a pair with a short cord...I guess this will just make me better at knitting when I finally get needles with a longer cord lol. Since my last post this is what I've been up to:

The last of April's CAL

My WIP middle sized monster

And last but not least my goldfish I made for my swap partner....hopefully she doesn't check my blog.

I made a Boucle' bag from a japanese pattern I found on, I didn't like it so I'm taking it a part and making an Inga bag, but before I use up all my pretty cotton yarn, I need to finish the Aila mary-janes I've been procrastinating on. They just need straps. Pictures up later.

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