Sunday, September 13, 2009

It ain't cheap!

So in the two months that I decided I wanted to pick up sewing as a hobby, I realized no matter what hobby you pick up it's not cheap, especially crafts.
I'm impatient and I want to just pick up a machine & go but woe as me, I don't have the funds.
I got bored one night and added up all the costs, not including fabric, everything I need to get sewing from the machine, to storage, accessories & a table.
This came to a sum of about 300.00.
This would be easy if I didn't have to pay rent, gas or any other bill.

This will be my christmas present to myself because again, I got bored and figured out my funds until my son's 1st birthday.
It'll all pay for itself once I discover the joys of making home goods & decor HA HA.

I browsed around sites and found a list of things that would be of great help to me on this crafting adventure.
She also has a lot of free tutorials & tips that I have found to be really helpful & easy to understand.

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